Influential professional UK console-game developers Aaron and Adam Fothergill have decided to focus their work entirely on the Mac, they announced today.

They have set up Strange Flavour Ltd as their full time business and intend writing new Mac-only games and software.

Formerly of Argonaut Games, Aaron and Adam have worked on several major titles, including Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone and Alien Resurection for the PlayStation, I-Ninja for PS2, Game Cube, Xbox and PC and the soon to be released Catwoman for PS2, Game Cube, Xbox and PC.

In their spare time the pair have managed to create Bushfire and the award-winning Mac titles Airburst (illustrated) and ToySight.

“We really enjoyed our years at Argonaut and learned a lot by working in such a professional and technologically advanced outfit, but we both thought that it was the ideal time for us to concentrate on our Mac games development.” said Aaron Fothergill. “By going full time, we hope to be able to create even more original games for the platform we love".

Strange Flavour has partnered with Freeverse to publish its games internationally. They will also be available in Apple Stores and most major Mac games retailers.

They are currently working on Airburst Extreme, the follow up to their Airburst title