Constellation 3D, a company looking to revolutionize data storage, has announced a joint development deal with Ricoh.

The firms have joined forces to produce recordable drives and media, incorporating C3D’s Fluorescent Multilayer disc and card data-storage technology.

Constellation is also working on similar agreements with other major audio and visual companies, disk drive and storage manufacturers, the company revealed. The strategy reflects last week’s announcement that Fluorescent Multilayer disc and card products will enter production by summer 2001.

Patrick Maloney, Constellation senior vice president business development, said: "C3D is excited and proud to work with Ricoh, whose reputation for development of high-quality optical disc-drives and associated media products is well established."

He added: "This agreement will enable us to combine our experience in these areas with theirs for the development and application of FMD technology."

The company’s Fluorescent Multilayer discs will offer 100GB rewritable storage solutions at data rates of approximately 100Mbps within a year. The storage media promises to be around the same price as conventional CD-RWs.

Constellation claims that future versions of the its technology could contain several terabytes of data on a single rewritable disc.