Consumers are willing to pay a premium to buy more environmentally friendly computers, a new survey reveals.

They will part with up to an extra £108 for a PC that contains fewer chemicals. Consumers also want manufacturers to shoulder more responsibility for disposing of old machines.

The study across nine nations was conducted by Ipsos-Mori for Greenpeace. it found some interesting regional anomalies. In the UK, consumers will only part with £64 extra for green machines, while in China they are willing to spend up to £108.

Recent reports have shown that mountains of the toxic waste that is created in making PCs is building up in India and China. In the US 30 million computers are trashed each year.

The BBC reports that 70 per cent of dangerous heavy metals produced each year, such as lead and mercury, can be traced to PC manufacturing.

"We are pressing leading electronic companies for change to turn back the toxic tide of e-waste," Greenpeace explains.

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