Apple and Macromedia are offering .Mac subscribers a $50 discount on the cost of Contribute 3.

Contribute 3 - which has the built-in capacity to edit and maintain .Mac Web sites - is Macromedia's easy-to-use website editor. Through an understandable user interface the word processor-like application lets non-technical users create full-featured sites.

Subscribers are also being offered two free chapters from Tom Negrino's Macromedia Contribute 3 Visual QuickStart Guide. This advises on installing and running Contribute 3, building Web pages, (including browsing your existing .Mac site and creating new pages).

Macromedia's product - which also integrates with Dreamweaver MX, so senior Web designers can control changes made to sites by less-technical users - offers 43 professionally designed Starter Pages users can employ when building a new site.

New features include increased performance, support for editing a wider range of sites, integrated image editing, Microsoft Office integration, and automatic electronic-document publishing in PDF and Flash file formats.

For Web designers and developers, Contribute 3 adds WebDAV support and incorporates the engine for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) rendering from Dreamweaver MX 2004.

A new external editing feature enables technical review and editing of Web-page source code in an external HTML editor before publishing.

As well as distributing a free 30-day trial of the application to .Mac members, Apple is offering the Web design tool at a discount price:$99 (regularly $149) for the full version, or upgrade for $49 (regularly $79). The offer ends December 8, 2004.

French, German and Japanese versions of Contribute 3 will be available to .Mac members in October, 2004.