The manager behind the chaotic iBook sell-off in Henrico County has apologised to the public and promised never to repeat the mistake.

The sale of 1,000 three-year old iBooks at $50 each generated a crowd of 5,500 people, and saw 17 injuries as the eager crowd surged forward to get hold of the hot property.

It was initiated by the education districts move to dump Apple solutions in favour of cheaper offerings from Dell.

County Manger Virgil Hazelett told WRICTV8 that on the TUesday of the sale his office took "up to 100 calls" of complaint. Citizens were angry at the way the sale was handled, and some threatened personal injury lawsuits.

Hazelett described the county as "concerned and apologetic", and revealed himself to be talking with police to uncover where things went so badly wrong.

"I very honestly would not do it in this manner, there are any number of alternatives that we can consider in the future," he explained.