Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe has launched, a resource for Web-broadcast professionals.

Apple has invested heavily in technologies designed with Web and Video convergence in mind. Final Cut Pro (illustrated), QuickTime 5.0 and iMovie2 all reflect the company's belief in the future of convergence industries. Apple believes that these products, and the changing industry will influence how we learn, and relax.

European research Sony's contains content taken from research conducted across Europe, and is designed to help executives in the converging (telecoms, broadcast, entertainment and information technology) industries make decisions about the future. The research was carried out over 18 months, and consists of interviews conducted with over 100 senior executives from within these industries.

Sony says the research findings: "are a comprehensive insight into the way information and entertainment will be produced, distributed and consumed over the next 5-10 years."

Censorship Topics include new business models for the "converged" world, emerging technology platforms over which content will be distributed, and concerns over the impact of technology convergence on society and culture. Regulation, censorship and the future of traditional information and entertainment providers are also discussed.

Miles Flint, president of Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe, said: "Technological convergence is forcing companies in the broadcast, IT and telecoms industries to re-think the way they do business.

"Executives are confused about the viability of new business models, new forms of competition and the impact on European culture and society."