Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki is now spreading the word about a a photo broadcasting (photocasting) system that provides direct, real-time, and bi-directional updates to a user’s PC desktop. Strings of images called “loops” move across the desktop screen to tell stories, showcase products, communicate ideas, and build brands.

Kawasaki calls FilmLoop "the coolest thing I've seen since Macintosh". The Photocasting system lets businesses and individuals push pictures to people (as opposed to pushing people to pictures). "It's photo sharing on steroids," says Kawasaki.

The player can be downloaded from the FilmLoop home page.

An example from on the 2005 Detroit Auto Show can be seen here.

Users can also create their own loops, subscribe to other loops, or invite people to the loops that they want to share.

And now the bad news, what Kawasaki calls "The Big Irony": right now only the Windows version is available. The Mac version will follow shortly, he promises. Mac users can sign up for Mac notification.