Corel and MetaCreations announced Corel’s acquisition of four MetaCreations software products yesterday.

Corel is taking over MetaCreation’s Painter, Kai’s Power Tools, Bryce and KPT Vector Effects packages. The products are widely used by graphics artists, the KPT series are top-selling plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Bryce is a 3D landscape creation and animation program.

Corel acquires everything associated with thee products, including marketing materials, customer lists, URL’s, trademarks and existing Painter patents.

Kylee MacKay, Corel’s media relations manager, UK & Ireland, said: "Corel is definitely committed to the Mac. We are beginning immediate development on these products for the Mac market. 60 per cent of MetaCreations current business is on the Mac."

She continued: "Corel plans to roll out Corel-branded versions of these products towards the end of the year, and Corel and MetaCreations intend releasing an update to Painter very soon." The update will be made available to registered users from the MetaCreations Web site.

MacKay added: "We intend to continue to develop Painter as a stand-alone product. Painter offers leading-edge painting technology for Photoshop users."

Bryce 4 is set for release by Corel in the next few months. Corel has also contracted Mark Zimmer, Tom Hedges and John Derry, creators of MetaCreations Painter, and plans to recruit additional MetaCreations engineers to assist in the development of its new product lines.

Michael Cowpland, Corel’s CEO, said: "This acquisition fits into our strategic vision of offering world-class applications for multiple platforms."

Technical support for the products will continue to be handled by UK distributors.