Corel will release its 3D-graphics application Bryce 5 for Mac OS X in August.

Abstract 3D-images and 3D worlds can be designed, rendered and animated through Bryce 5. The Carbonized app creates objects to place in constructed landscapes. It also imports and exports objects to and from other file formats.

This update supports multi-threading, which speeds-up rendering and animation without loss of image quality. Another new feature – Network Rendering – distributes rendering over an unlimited number of TCP/IP-based computers connected via an Ethernet hub.

Lab testing Three effects labs help to create landscapes. The Tree Lab and Light Lab are new innovations while the Sky Lab – also a feature of Bryce 4 – has new features.

The Tree Lab creates and edits trees to suit a landscape, the Light Lab edits the effects of lights, while the Sky Lab controls the appearance and attributes of sky effects such as Clouds and Moon.

Going organic Other features new to this release include Metaball technology that creates organic shapes by reproducing the interactions of magnetized spheres.

A new preview feature in Animation Effects produces thumbnail previews of animation effects, and views creations in real time. Animations can then be exported in QuickTime 4, included on the Bryce 5 CD.

Bryce 5 includes extra presets to create realistic and fantasy rocks, trees, mountains, skies, buildings, cages, and tents using material presets. Gaseous-looking substances, tiles, and wallpaper can be created using material presets.

Bryce 5 costs £194. An upgrade from previous versions is available for £109.