Corel has licenced the JPEG2000 format from its developer, LuraWave, for use in CorelDraw Graphics Suite 11.

This is likely to assist adoption of the JPEG2000 standard, that offers better colour handling and retention at smaller file sizes than JPEG.

JPEG2000 uses Wavelet-based compression technology. As well as small file sizes, this also offers access to the image while still in compressed form – images can be accessed, manipulated, edited, transmitted, and stored at small sizes.

Amanda Bedborough, executive vice-president, EMEA at Corel explained: "JPEG2000 stores digital images with excellent visual quality in the smallest file sizes. It also allow designers to efficiently archive their projects, which often requires large volumes of data, and send them over the Internet with minimum fuss."

Corel's move to adopt the standard is likely to increase its use, industry watchers suggest.

Carsten Heiermann, managing director of Algo Vision LuraTech remarked: "The worldwide establishment of the patent-free graphics standard JPEG2000, which is successor to the well-known JPEG process, is taking an enormous step forward with the licensing of the LuraWave.jp2 format by Corel."

More information concerning the Internet-friendly image format is available from JPEG2000.