Corel CEO Derek Burney announced the company's plans to develop a range of XML services during his keynote speech at Seybold yesterday.

Corel will offer a line of enterprise-software tools and services for creating "smart" content that can be tied to back-end servers and modified over the Internet.

The initiative, called Deepwhite, is an umbrella name for a line of content-creation software, as well as enterprise services, that the company plans to begin rolling out later this year.

Flexible publishing Based on industry-standard technologies, such as XML (Extensible Markup Language) and Web services technology developed by Microsoft, the company said it would allow customers to design graphics and text documents that can be published for a variety of media and viewed on a variety of computing devices.

Burney said: "Our intention is to take XML technologies and give customers the ability to create content and not worry about how to format it for different devices."

Its enterprise efforts will be based on a framework that will allow customers to create applications and documents in which text and graphics on a document are tied to data accessed via the Internet. Those documents could then display data that is current and personalized.

The company will release a set of XML-based content-creation tools that enable software vendors and IT departments to build custom enterprise-applications with graphics and other design elements that access data on the fly. Web applications will be able to adjust themselves to fit the kind of device they are displayed on.