Corel it to sell Bryce – its 3D modelling and animation package – to 3D specialist DAZ Productions.

Corel says it made the move because it is focusing on promoting its main business lines, including the CorelDRAW graphics suite and WordPerfect Office. A new release of Painter is also expected later this year.

A Corel statement reads: "We recognize that Bryce inspires considerable passion and loyalty within the design community. That's why we carefully considered a number of factors before making the decision to sell Bryce to DAZ.

"Our chief concern was to make sure we found a partner who would protect your investments by continuing to innovate, deliver new releases of the product and provide ongoing customer support. We feel confident that DAZ is that company, particularly given their commitment to release new versions of Bryce on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

"They've also committed to hiring more staff to work on Bryce and to taking an active role in Bryce's online communities and technical support forums. Given these factors, Corel feels strongly that DAZ offers Bryce a bright future that will benefit Bryce customers."

According to the report on MacNN, Corel said that DAZ will release new Mac and Windows versions of the product in the coming months.