Corel has opened new offices in London, from which it will run its European marketing and promotion activities.

All corporate and North American sales activities will continue from the company’s headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, and international manufacturing and translation will carry on at its facilities in Dublin, Ireland.

The UK office will be headed by Norm McConkey, who moved to London a year ago to take charge of channel development. Other regional offices have also been established in Australia and Miami.

In related news, Corel has released a masking tool - Knockout 1.1. It is available now as a download from Corel’s Web site. The product was licensed from Ultimatte earlier this year.

Knockout is aimed at graphics professionals, and uses transitions to create composites that preserve fine details such as hair, transparencies and shadows.

The software, which will be showcased at Seybold, Boston in February, has a special introductory price of $99 and registered users will be able to update to the next version for free. The update will be available in April.