Corel announced its revitalized corporate strategy and new logo (right) yesterday.

The company will sell its Linux distribution division, the company said, partially confirming recent industry speculation. Corel is not pulling out of the Linux business, it plans to continue to develop WordPerfect Office and CorelDraw for Linux.

The Mac will enjoy strong support from the company. Ian leGrow, Corel's vice president of development, marketing and creative products, told Macworld: "We remain very committed to our Mac products."

During its presentation, Corel promised to "evangelize the Mac, and to prove it also 'thinks different'."

Graphics apps Corel plans to launch CorelDraw 10 Graphics Suite for Mac later this summer for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, as revealed to Macworld at the Macworld Expo. Corel will release new versions of Corel KnockOut - its image masking software - Painter, Bryce and Kai's Power Tools over forthcoming months.

Corel has promised to "expand" the scope of its suite of creative products over forthcoming years, and is considering "strategic investments" to boost progress in these markets. It revealed that the market for creative products is expected to be worth $11.5 billion by 2003. It also hinted at plans to expand into the Web-graphics markets.

Wireless imaging was another area in which the newly-focused company may expand, Burney revealed.

Microsoft Armed with $135 million from Microsoft, the company is also looking into making new acquisitions and examining new markets for its graphics products. It also announced its involvement in Microsoft's .NET strategy.

For Corel, the .NET involvement will mean that its customers can look forward to faster access to Web-based applications, content and services. Corel also expects new and rising revenues from its .NET ventures.

Derek Burney, president and CEO of Corel, described Corel's plans for the future as having a "solid foundation". He promised: "We are committed to success and we believe the plan will bring Corel back into profitability by the third quarter of this fiscal year."

The company is also hoping to develop WordPerfect Office. Industry observers thought the company would sell this product as it streamlined itself for future growth.