Senior editor and US correspondent for Macwelt interviewed Tim Stringer, Mac product development manager with Corel, regarding Corel's future Mac plans.

Stringer told him that Corel's upcoming CorelDRAW 9 would be fully Carbon compliant, and set for releases at about the same time as OS X’s summer launch. Stringer said: "We definitely support any User Interface (UI) trends that Apple comes out with, we intend taking Apple's UI changes further in CorelDRAW 9."

This getting serious When questioned about recent rumours that Corel is cutting its Mac product development team in favour of Linux applications, Stringer said: "No. Mac support is stronger than it has ever been. I have been with Corel for almost eight years, and we started taking Mac seriously over the last couple of years. We have released three consumer applications, aimed at the iMac market."

He continued to say that WordPerfect's future development is under discussion. The company recently posted Version 3.5 of the software as a free download, but cannot say it will have a new version this year.

On Corel's relationship with Apple, Stringer said: "We work very closely with Apple. We ask them any time we have problems or need more information about new technologies, they are very willing to provide us with the answers we need. Our relationship has really grown over the past two years, ever since Jobs returned."

The long-awaited multiprocessor ‘Mystic’ Mac also entered the frame, with Corel's representative saying: "We look very seriously at anything that Apple does, and anything that makes sense to use in our own products. Something like multiprocessors would be an excellent thing, especially for our professional users."