Corel's Graphics Suite 10 for Mac will ship next month.

Graphics Suite 10 is a collection of creative applications with full support for Mac OS X. It contains the long-awaited CorelDraw 10 vector-illustration package, Corel Photo-Paint 10, for image editing and painting, and a new vector animation application, Corel Rave.

The Suite ships with a cast of supporting utilities: CorelTrace 10, a tracing utility that converts scanned or manually created bitmaps into vector images; a font-management utility, Font Reserve; and a an asset-management app called Cumulus Desktop LE 5.0.

Three plug-ins also ship as standard: KPT FraxFlame, KPT ShapeShifter, and KPT Smoothie. A library containing 2,000 clip-art images, and more than 500 photos and 2,000 TrueType and Type 1 fonts comes in the box.

All the suite's drawing tools have been improved, Corel claims. The applications boast Contour, Extrude, Drop Shadow, Fill, Envelope and Distortion tools. There's also a new Mirror fill-option that creates tiles out of any fill.

Suite as a nut Each application within the Suite has an Aqua user-interface, context-sensitive property bars, and support for Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter 7, FreeHand, PDF, Flash, SVG and EPS files. ICC (International Colour Consortium) colour profiles are supported, as are ColorSync and QuickTime.

Greg Wood, Corel's UK PR manager said: "This is one of five new products for Mac OS X from Corel this year - solid proof of our commitment to Mac users all over the world."

Corel's Graphics Suite offers wide PDF support, positioning itself to reap the market share advantages emerging now as digital processes take over traditional publishing practices. Users can add crop marks, file information, and registration marks, as well as any type of file to a PDF. Adobe Acrobat 5.0's transparency feature is also supported. Fonts can be included within PDF documents, or exported as curves, and PDFs built within the Suite support hyperlinks. The suite also offers a preflighting engine.

The suite's HTML-export has support for a wide range of Web graphics formats with a Web Image Optimizer. This offers four previews of images from which to choose the most appropriate file format for the Web.

There's a real-time print preview feature, so formatting and effects can be checked before applied, and also a Undo/Redo feature.

Pricing is yet to be announced