Corel has announced a licensing deal with Ultimatte. Under terms of the deal, Corel has licensed the rights to distribute and enhance KnockOut software on a stand-alone basis and as part of Corel applications. This agreement extends over both Macintosh and PC platforms.

Corel has also gained the licence to the source code for the KnockOut software, which enables Corel to enhance and add new features to it.

KnockOut software is used when defining Digital Masks. A visual arts tool, this enables a user to create seamless composites which also preserve fine details such as hair, smoke and shadows. Corel's CEO, Dr Michael Cowpland, said: "The masking technology that Ultimatte has developed is unrivalled in the industry and we are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce it to our users. We are confident that the integration of the KnockOut software will be an excellent addition to our graphics applications.''