Corel’s CEO, Derek Burney, has stressed the importance of the company’s Mac graphics-applications to the Corel/Microsoft .NET strategy.

Burney said: "They will be part of the .NET strategy. They represent a stronghold we have on the graphics market, and we’re going to be forging that really far ahead on the Internet," according to Wall Street Radio.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of a 25 per cent stake in Corel on Monday. The .NET project aims to make Microsoft’s existing software available over the Web to personal computers and personal digital-assistants.

Web delivery .NET is a broad initiative to supply products and services that could enable new types of Web-based services. Product launches, trade shows and joint marketing efforts are examples of the companies' shared plans for the future.

Macintosh users have been concerned about the fate of the Mac graphics applications purchased by Corel from MetaCreations last year. Graphics apps held by the company include Knockout, Bryce, Painter, CorelDraw and KPT.

The .NET initiative will be based on the cross-platform Extendible Markup Language (XML) standard.