Corel has announced CorelDraw 10 graphics suite, though a Mac version will not ship until the first half of 2001.

Ian LeGrow, Corel's executive vice president of creative products, said: "It's the biggest CorelDraw upgrade ever. We have made certain that professional designers will have the tools they need to explore the depth of their creative imagination."

CorelDraw 10 Graphics Suite carries tools for graphics production for print and Web. The upgrade version cost £199, the full version £419.99.

Compatibility According to Corel, the suite has been reengineered for faster performance, colour management has been improved, and the application is more compatible with other graphics products.

The suite has been upgraded with creative Web tools for graphics, multilingual spell-checking and the Corel Web Image Optimizer for GIF, JPEG and PNG. Corel Photo-Paint 10 enhancements include a smoother and faster display, enriched text capabilities, Smart Blur Filters and a customizable user interface.

Corel has also added a new application, Corel Rave (Real Animated Vector Effects). This Web-animation app is built from within the CorelDraw interface and can create Macromedia Flash animations. Rave lets users generate live effects, make a time line of edited work and create animated roll-over graphics.