Corel has launched CorelDraw suite and posted a free download of CorelDraw 8 LE on its Web site.

A Linux version of the CorelDraw suite can be viewed as a proxy for information on the up-coming Mac OS X release.

David Nagel, executive producer of Digital Medianet, said Corel plans to release a Mac OS X version of CorelDraw 10. The suite will include a new program called Rave - a vector-based animation program that can output to a variety of programs, including Flash.

Rave reviewed Corel Rave will be able to open CorelDraw formatted files. Rave will also be able to output Flash and create animations as well as add audio support.

Another feature of the suite is Corel Photo-Paint 10 - this has the usual touch up tools from red-eye removal to improved blur-filters, masking capabilities and a customisable user-interface.

CorelDraw 10 includes Real Time preview, updated and new Web-graphics tools, revised multilingual-support with spell checking and image optimizers.

Rumours claim the update of CorelDraw was delayed by the late launch of OS X.

The OS X version of CorelDraw is expected to ship shortly after the full release of Mac OS X. UK pricing is unavailable at the moment.