Internet uber-kind Benjamin Cohen has chosen to stand up and fight Apple's move to take away his domain name.

Cohen has decided to apply to the High Court for a judicial review with regard to the dispute, following a recent Nominet decision that said the domain should be given to Apple.

At the time of that decision, the Hackney London-based 22-year old entrepreneur said: "Apple bought the domain name three years after we purchased They are using their status to unfairly claim an asset of an entirely innocent, British small business." Cohen bought after failing to buy

Apple's lawyers had at one point offered him $5,000 for the address, but he wanted £50,000 from Apple. He uses the domain name to point at his QuickQuid website.

Cohen told The Guardian he's seeking a judicial review because: "we feel that the procedure that Nominet utilise to settle disputes is unfair and biased towards big business at the expense of legitimate small British companies".