Time magazine has published details of Apple's new flat-panel G4 iMac, as well as a new core application called iPhoto, stealing the thunder of CEO Steve Jobs, whose Macworld Expo keynote takes place later today.

The latest issue of Time's Canada edition ran with a cover article sporting a picture of the new iMac, MacCentral reports.

The machine has been completely transformed, now featuring a semi-hemispherical base connected to a flat-panel display by an adjustable metallic neck.
The new high-end iMac will also sport a SuperDrive.

A little cheeky The new iMac has a 26.4-centimeter footprint and Time quotes iMac designer Jonathan Ive as calling the new design "a little cheeky". Prices specified on Time's Canadian Web site for the new consumer desktop machine range from $1,299 to $1,800, but it's unclear whether those figures are in Canadian or American currency.

Time also reveals that Apple is poised to unveil a new core application called iPhoto, which it says has been developed for archiving and manipulating digital pictures, organizing digital photos through thumbnail images displayed on a scrolling sheet. A 10-page photo-album printing service will reportedly also be available, enabling iPhoto users to print hardcover books using an online publisher, for an additional charge of $30. iPhoto joins Apple's other core "digital hub" applications, iTunes, iMovie and iDVD.

Deflated Some industry observers are saying that, far from being a leak, the Time story may be an Apple ploy to excite even more interest in its new releases. In recent days, Apple has been using a new keynote tack, by exciting interest in its Macworld Expo releases by teasing consumers with banner-style headlines on its US homepage.

However, Apple and Jobs are usually notoriously secretive over Expo announcements, and if the Time article is a genuine leak, both will be left feeling deflated and angry. In July 2000, for example, Apple saw red when ATI leaked details of its graphics cards that were to be bundled in new Macs due to be unveiled by Steve Jobs in his Macworld Expo New York keynote. Many observers maintained that Apple's subsequent decision to bundle many of its machines with NVidia cards was due to the ATI leak.

Although the Time article has since been pulled, it is already in the hands of subscribers.

Macworld Online will bring you the hot Expo news as it breaks. Steve Jobs' keynote begins at 5pm UK time. Apple will webcast the keynote using QuickTime. Given server limitations and expected traffic levels, TechTV will also be webcasting the speech.

European satellite co-ordinates have been released for Jobs' keynote speech today, they are:

Satellite: NSSK Position: 21.5º West

Channel: 2 MCPC Down-link Frequency: 11 59150

Polarity: V (Europe) FEC: 3/4

Symbol Rate: 20.1500 Standard: PAL

Encoding: PowerVu* Encryption: No smartcard is required.