The first integrated digital asset management system for Adobe's Creative Suite applications has been announced by North Plains Systems.

The debut of the system – TeleScope Enterprise 7.1 – means that larger workgroups can employ Adobe's products in a more streamlined and workflow-friendly way. In effect it's a move toward similar publishing asset-management systems already available for Quark-based publishers.

Adobe director of creative professional product management Mark Hilton said: "The Adobe Creative Suite is a complete design environment that gives today's creative professionals everything they need to create and publish content for print and the Web faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.

"TeleScope Enterprise offers customers the ability to leverage the Adobe Creative Suite within an enterprise networked environment and with unmatched integration and unsurpassed functionality," he claimed.

In-browser preview

Features include: asset management; support for metadata; the capacity to search, preview and dynamically interact with InDesign documents using a Web browser without InDesign installed; text searching of InDesign documents; and the capacity to extract text or previews of every asset within an InDesign document – again through a Web browser.

The system also offers the Conversion I-Piece for Adobe Graphics Server. This lets users "perform complex transformations" without advanced knowledge, the company claims. TeleScope supports customizable scripts that can run image transformations automatically.

North Plains Systems CEO Hassan Kotob said: "Organizations have always struggled with wanting more users to have access to digital assets versus concerns of security and quality. TeleScope enables online collaboration and access to these assets without compromising asset integrity. The new capabilities available for TeleScope 7.1 extend an asset's reach to every employee, partner, vendor or customer of an organization.

"Simply put, together Adobe and North Plains Systems offer a unique solution for every organization that will deliver cost savings within their marketing, sales, creative services, eBusiness, training and corporate communication departments," he said.

Pricing and UK availability of this product isn't yet available.