Quark used its presentation at the Macworld CreativePro show in New York last week to reassure users that the Mac remains central to its business.

Quark VP product management Jurgen Kurz appeared at the show to promise faster development of its desktop publishing standard, QuarkXPress. He said: "It has always been an interesting relationship with the Mac community", adding that "Quark is dedicated to Apple."

Kurz revealed that over 500 commercial XTensions are now available for XPress 6.0, and promised the release of the enterprise-level Quark Publishing System by the first quarter 2004.

He also promised more-frequent product upgrades than seen from the company in the past: "I can assure you we're going to come out with a major revision (to XPress) every 14-18 months," he said.

"The bottom line is that we're committed to bringing out great products for Mac OS X."

Also at the show, Adobe began in earnest its fight to grab Quark's market share for Xpress, and to convert users to its InDesign DTP product.

It ran a series of seminars at the show to packed houses, detailing how to migrate from XPress to InDesign.

An Adobe staff member said: "InDesign continues to provide richer and more creative controls than XPress."