Crowds gathered in London yesterday for Alias's fourth 3December festival.

Alias's communications manager Heather Kernahan said: "The London event has been very well attended. This year we received 1,200 reservations."

However, while last year's event was hosted in seven cities worldwide, this year events took place only in London, Paris and Tokyo.

The event sponsor was HP, and the company's worldwide segment-marketing manager for digital content creation Molly Connelly said: "London has always been the best attended event, last year 600 attended events in New York and Los Angeles respectably.

Alias's marketing manager Stephanie Meli said: "Soho's creative industry is busy again, and companies are recruiting." Alias EMEA entertainment division chief Mark Pammenter added: "A lot of people are needed in the industry at the moment."

HP's Sue Forkin concurred: "We are definitely seeing more enquiries from this sector."

Lars Johannsen of the Moving Picture Company confirmed that his company, currently working on Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban, is also recruiting.

Attendees crowded in to hear from some of the industry’s top talent. Presentations included a behind-the-scenes look at the making of special effects in The Medallion and product design by Nokia.

Alias's senior Maya product manager Jill Ramsay also offered a public preview of new Maya technology. The event also coincided with Alias's launch of six new Learning Tools.