New 8GB memory modules for the Mac Pro have been introduced by Lexar Media through its memory retail outlet, Crucial Technlogy.

The new 800MHz FBDIMM modules are available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities directly from the retailer. The memory is backed by a limited-lifetime warranty and costs significantly less than its equivalent when purchased with a Mac Pro system direct from Apple. The 8GB module consists of two 4GB sticks and costs £539 (excluding VAT).

In contrast, 8GB of Mac Pro memory from the Apple store costs £1,254 (excluding VAT).

“The new 800MHz FBDIMM modules feature density and performance improvements ideal for mission-critical servers and workstations which require maximum performance and a low error rate, without sacrificing the reliability Crucial products are known for throughout the industry,” said Jim Jardine, Lexar Media’s senior product marketing manager.

“Mac users will also enjoy the same module density increases, performance boosts and reliability with the new 800MHz FBDIMM modules, including modules designed specifically for the new Mac Pro.” visitors using a Mac system will find dedicated online tools for Mac available here.

Lexar Media is a leading marketer and manufacturer of flash and memory products under the Lexar and Crucial brand names. Lexar Media also sells flash memory products under the Kodak brand.

Editor's Note: This story originally pointed to the standard 8GB memory kit and quoted a cost of £499. Crucial has informed us that the Mac Pro has a specific 8GB kit which is Apple certified. The link in this news item has been updated. If you previously ordered this memory via the link in the news story, please check with Crucial to make sure you are getting the right memory for your machine.