Steinberg will release Cubase SX, its next generation professional music-creation and production tool on October 10, the company has confirmed.

The release is one of a deluge of pro-audio solutions to emerge in the wake of Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), which opens access to the operating system's audio components. Emagic released its OS X-supporting update for Logic this month, and DigiDesign has confirmed it is working on Mac OS X support in its ProTools software.

Cubase SX includes a number of features designed to improve musicians' workflows, including unlimited undo and redo and a 32-bit floating-point mixer. The application can also mix any project into DVD-quality 5:1 surround sound, Steinberg claims.

Another feature – sample accurate information – offers a range of automation modes available to musicians across the application.

Steinberg is also introducing a new technology – VST System Link – within the application. This network-friendly, platform-agnostic technology lets musicians harness the full processor and disk power of several computers (even of different platforms) simultaneously. It lets synchronization, transport and audio data be transferred between two or more workstations equipped with compatible software. This synchronization is "completely sample accurate, even across multiple workstation configurations", the company claims.

It achieves this by using a single bit of the audio stream for carrying such information. This feature can carry hundreds of MIDI channels down a single channel of a digital audio cable.

Musicians can access multiple VST synth plug-ins, with no performance hit. It also means audio tracks can run on one Mac, while running virtual instruments on another, processing effects on another and mixing the results on a fourth. It also opens the doors to large-scale music-making group projects.

The application will cost around 799 Euros (about £505) on release.