Firefox continued to gain market share last month, mainly at the expense of Internet Explorer.

The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser increased its market share to 8.71 per cent, up from 8 per cent in May, while IE's share shrank to 86.56 per cent from 87.23 per cent, according to

Since the beginning of 2005, Firefox has increased its market share between 0.5 per cent and 1 per cent each month. compiles its browser usage data from more than 40,000 websites monitored by its service.

As Firefox approaches the 10 per cent market share milestone, it is expected to gain "significant traction" once its acceptance grows among corporations, according to

Rounding out the top five browsers in June were Apple's Safari with 1.93 per cent market share, America Online's Netscape with 1.55 per cent and Opera Software's Opera with 0.59 per cent.