MaBaSoft has released Euro Assistant Pro 2.1, a currency conversion shareware utility. It's available in a multilingual version - running in ten European languages - and a Japanese version.

The software lets you convert any currency to any other currency, and can display up to 12 currencies simultaneously. It can also calculate the results of algebraic expressions - for example, VAT rates. Conversion results can be saved, or clipped to a text file.

Euro Assistant Pro lets you set a base currency. It will also update exchange rates, over the Internet, from an internationally-recognised European-currency house.

System requirements are fairly minimal. This software runs on a 68020 processor, or better, with Mac OS 7.5 or better. This handy utility - aimed at business travellers, accountants, or holidaymakers - is compatible with OS 9. It's a $15 shareware and can be downloaded from the following two sites.