Mac Resellers are applying discounts across the range of old Power Mac G4s until stocks last.

This move comes after Apple announced new G4 configurations on Monday.

Computer Warehouse has cut the price of the 733MHz model from £1,199 to £945, while the 800MHz dual processor - which was £2,159 - is now £1,825. The 867MHz model is already out of stock.

Jonathan Cole, managing director of Computer Warehouse, said: "There has never been a better time to buy a G4. They are tremendous value for money. We now have a range of products that start at 733MHz and go all the way up to 1GHz.

"The new G4s are tremendous and the interest has been high since the announcement on Monday. We are also giving away Freehand 9 and Flash 4 with every G4 desktop."

Micro Anvika has also slashed prices. The 733MHz was £1,259 but is now £1,003; the 867MHz was £1,798 but is now £1,488, while the £2,468 800MHz dual processor is now £1,956.

Cancom Macline has sold out of both 867MHz and 800MHz models, although it still has 733MHz, reduced from £1,159 to £989.