UK software development company da Vinci has announced plans to move into the applications development market.

Since forming this year, the company has concentrated on developing ports to bring software to Mac OS X. Customer feedback has now convinced the company that it has the unique skills required to develop applications for third parties.

The company is currently working on iInventory's LANauditor, a solution that automates hardware and software asset-tracking for networked and stand-alone computers.

"The iInventory project is very exciting for us, as it allows us to use our skills across several areas of expertise", said Andy Eakins, managing director of da Vinci.

"iInventory approached us hoping for a Macintosh solution but, after seeing the experience that da Vinci could offer in other areas, extended its requirements to include Linux and Web development."

Nick Bell of iInventory said: "LANauditor is most commonly used to audit Windows PCs and servers, but with increasing demand from the Mac and Linux communities we set out to find a company with the right skills to both update our Mac discovery agent and create a brand-new one for Linux.

"da Vinci was recommended by Apple and we're pleased to be able to source the development expertise required so close to home."