Apple's market-leading iPod music player continues to see some media sources seeking the downside of the two million-selling product, with a Daily Telegraph Opinion piece today furnishing a particularly vitriolic attack.

In a piece called "Why I'm Turning a Deaf Ear to the iPod Botherers" an opinionated Bryony Gordon issues a luddite's cry for an end to innovation.

She recounts the tale of a group of friends – all iPod addicts – and her. Her pals ask when she plans to get an iPod, and the table becomes a sea of bewilderment when Gordon declares she won't be getting one.

"I hate iPods. I mean, I really, really hate them", she writes, confessing to feeling out of the loop. "Am I culturally impoverished?" she asks.

Gordon accuses iPod-owners of belonging to a cult, "I wouldn't be surprised if they even have a secret handshake," she wails. She castigates iPod-wielding music fans for their anthropomorphic belief that the gadget and the owner possess some spiritual relationship.

The debate ends with comment from other parties who share Gordon's particular brand of technological natural selection, a 'Joe Muggs', 'John Simons' and 'Adam Atkinson', who says: "iPods are the Tamagotchis of middle youth. Faffing about with them with a smug look on your face is as tiresome as showing off one's 'Prince Albert'."

Gordon's full opinion is available to read on the Telegraph website, though free registration is required.