Dantz is now shipping Retrospect Backup version 5.0 for Mac OS X.

The product, which also supports OS 9.x, is the only comprehensive backup software suite available for OS X, the company claims. It’s being shipped to the company’s distribution channels, and should reach retail in early April. The product will also be available from Dantz’s Web site from 8am on March 26.

The solution backs-up and restores all OS X files and information, including both the data and resource forks of multi-part files, HFS+ metadata, Unix-style permissions and group ownership, and linked files.

It also supports automatic scheduling, and permits entire networks of Macs to be backed-up and restored across a Local Area Network (LAN). Retrospect Backup supports a variety of storage devices, including hard disk drives, CD-RW drives, CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination drives, SuperDrives, DVD drives, tape drives, and removable cartridge drives.

French, German and Japanese language versions will be available in the second quarter of 2002. Four versions of Retrospect are available. UK pricing has not yet been announced.

Retrospect Express Backup Designed for basic personal backup to a variety of media, Retrospect Express Backup costs $79. Upgrading from a previous version costs $19.95.

Retrospect Desktop Backup Providing professional backup features for a single workstation, Retrospect Desktop Backup ($249) adds filtering capabilities plus support for tape drives and autoloaders with up to eight slots. Retrospect Clients software may be added for backing up a small network. Upgrades from previous versions are $99.95.

Retrospect Workgroup Backup This version is for small offices and networks. It offers 20 cross-platform client licenses, advanced multi-subnet networking, and support for a single local AppleShare or Mac OS X Server. Retrospect Workgroup Backup supports high-end tape drives and tape libraries, and costs $499. Upgrades from previous versions are $199.95.

Retrospect Server Backup New with version 5.0, Retrospect Server Backup is for larger networks. It includes 100 cross-platform client licenses, and can back up multiple AppleShare and Mac OS X Servers. This version costs $799 – edition upgrades from the Desktop and Workgroup editions are available for a limited time for $349.95.