Database-development software publisher 4DUK is offering a discount on 4D Developer Edition 6.8.

The company is offering its Carbonized flagship product 4D Developer Edition 6.8 for £346 (including VAT) – a 45 per cent reduction on the usual price. 4D Developer Edition 6.8 includes development tools 4D Standard Edition, 4D Compiler, 4D Insider, 4D Write, 4D View, 4D Draw, 4D Oracle, 4D ODBC, 4D Open, and 4D Backup.

4D UK general manager Rob Wylie said: "With this deal we’re making it easier than ever for developers to learn how 4D can take their database development to a higher level."

The offer – open until October 31 – also includes a copy of the book JumpStart 4D, a title aimed at 4D developers.