Apple’s iPod MP3 player now supports Windows as well as Macs.

Developer DataViz’s MacOpener 6.054 allows Windows users to open files created on a Macintosh – and supports the iPod.

A third-party product, such as TrentSoft’s EphPod, is required to use all the features of the updated MacOpener. EphPod is a free Windows-based music-managing program that organizes songs, Outlook contacts, and news downloads when used with an iPod.

Used alone, the MacOpener software can mount iPod as an external hard-drive to which files can be transferred. But with EphPod, consumers can also manage and transfer MP3s that can be listened to on iPod.

DataViz spokeswoman, Kristen Garvey, said: “As soon as the iPod was released without Windows support, we had a number of our customers turn to us for a solution.”

The full version of the software costs $49.95; the update is free for MacOpener 6.05 users.

DataViz makes translation and file-compatibility software for Windows, the Mac OS, and the Palm OS.