Dejal has announced that all products for Mac OS 9 and earlier, other than QuickEncrypt, have had their development discontinued.

The company is now giving away these legacy Classic products for free. They can be downloaded from its Web site.

The free Classic products include: SndConverter Pro for sound manipulation and converting batches of system sounds between old Mac formats; SndPlayer for playing batches of system sounds in several old Mac formats; SndCataloguer for to create a text catalog of your system sound collection; TextMerge merges multiple text files together into one file; TextSplitter to split text files apart.

TextConverter to convert characters in text files; Deleter to delete any file; Create Suitcase and New Suitcase for creating Mac OS suitcase files; Resource Leech for extracting resources into the data fork of separate files; and Dejal Desktop Utilities: A collection of eight control panels, extensions, and FKEYs.

Dejal president David Sinclair said: "We are concentrating our efforts on Mac OS X products nowadays. But we know that a number of users still haven't made the leap to Mac OS X for one reason or another, and still find these products useful. So it seemed the right thing to do to give them away to the Mac community."