Apple claims it holds top spot in the education market, contrary to Dell’s similar claims last week.

Dell announced last Thursday that it had overtaken Apple in unit shipments to the US education market, and had “a five per cent lead in market share” (see "Apple slips in education
). However, Apple has responded by claiming Dell was quoting vendor and channel surveys, and was not including account direct-sales.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: “Dell didn’t incorporate Apple’s direct sales into its education market-share calculations. If it had done so, it would have been reminded that Apple remains the education market-share leader.”

The research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) places Apple at number one in its Q2CY Education Market Report, with a 22.2 per cent market share. Compaq is second, with 19.1 per cent, Gateway has 17.2 per cent, and Dell is in fourth place, with 15.8 per cent.