Dell is clearly rattled by Apple's gathering momentum, as Dell CEO Michael Dell had some disparaging things to say about the company.

Dell wants to see Apple's music service hegemony dented - even though he won't accept the company as a competing computing firm.

Speaking at the Dell annual shareholder meeting on Friday, Dell discussed his company's move to work with the MTV/Microsoft Urge service to dent Apple's music lead.

He conceded that Apple has "done a very nice job with its products" but stresses that more competition lurks ahead.

"Apple has done well in (digital music)," Dell said, "but I would be surprised if they are able to maintain the share they have today over the next ten or 20 years.

"In terms of competition with Apple (in PCs), our share numbers speak for themselves. Apple is growing, but is still not in the top five in share for computers."

But Apple is in the top five, at least in the US. And the company achieved 15.4 per cent growth in the US market in its just gone quarter, a quarter which saw Dell achieve 6.3 per cent.