Innovative UK-based software retailer Tribeka has been awarded the Silver Award for Business Innovation by the Wall Street Journal – and also won in the transport and logistics category.

The company becomes the only UK firm to win one of these awards this year, and had to fend off competition from 130 European firms to emerge with a victory.

Tribeka now operates seven software stores (under the SoftWide name) in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

The company operates an on-demand sales service. Software is held on a computer in-store, customers request the software in-store (or online) and it is published to disc with artwork printed out at the point-of-sale. This also means software is never out of stock.

It was this sales business model the Wall Street Journal rewarded, writing: "SoftWide System (wins the Silver Award) for licensing and manufacturing a full range of retail packaged computer software. Customers choose software from a large, continually updated range of titles and have, within minutes, a full retail software package."