The iPod has spawned a new generation of magazines and now a new iPod dedicated Web site has launch in Spain.

iPod Noticias will feature news and reviews and an online store stocking selected iPod gadgets. The site will be edited by Jorge Otero, a musician and record company CEO.

Following this summers launch of iPod User, a magazine for UK iPod fans from the team behind Macworld and Macworld Plus, other publishers are beginning to launch magazines directed towards the so called iPod Generation.

Q recently announced that it would re-launch itself as a magazine for digital music fans.

Haymarket is to launch a new magazine aimed at a "tech-savvy iPod-toting" audience. It will be edited by ex-Stuff editor and self-confessed "iPod-spokesman" Tom Dunmore.

Macworld publisher IDG is also to launch an iPod magazine in to its US audience. Playlist will be a digital music magazine for Windows and Mac users and will spotlight digital music technology, the digital lifestyle, and music arts. It will launch on August 24.

This iPod-generation turned out in force to celebrate a diffusion of music tastes at London's first iPod party – also called Playlist – on August 7. The next Playlist takes place September 4.