Destineer's Bold, its Mac-porting label, is to release Microsoft's fast-action role-playing game (RPG) Dungeon Siege for the Mac.

The title became the seventh best selling game for Windows in 2002, winning Editor's Choice Awards from PC Gamer, Computer Games Magazine, Gamespot, PC Zone and more. Dungeon Siege for the Mac should ship in early 2003.

Dungeon Siege is a fantasy RPG with an emphasis on combat and action. Events are set in a gigantic, continuous, fully 3D world that extends in all directions. Players can peer down from ledges at their foes, cross bridges over realistic chasms (illustrated) and climb towers. The action features dungeons and mountain adventures with no intervening loading screens.

Group fun Players travel alone or in parties of up to eight characters, each party member can be set to react differently to given situations, and to follow formations.

The game also supports multiplayer action. Human players can group up to join a party over local area networks or the Internet.

Destineeer's president is Peter Tamte, formerly of MacSoft, Apple and Bungie Studios. Destineer develops and publishes games for PCs, Macs and video game consoles, and is currently building a proprietary 3D game engine. The Macintosh port of Dungeon Siege is being conducted by Westlake Interactive.

Bold is the company's Macintosh label dedicated to bringing many of Microsoft's games to the Mac, including Halo, Dungeon Siege, Age of Empires II and Links Championship Edition. In related news, Halo for the Mac is expected to ship simultaneously with the PC version in summer 2003.