School chiefs in Detroit have denied previous reports that Apple plans to finance a small school for underprivileged children there.

The Detroit Free Press this morning says the deal isn't finalized, and local governor Jennifer Granholm apparently "got ahead of the deal" when she revealed it last week.

A previous report claimed Apple to have agreed to: "Help finance, equip and advise a small top-quality high school for Detroit students at most risk of being left behind".

Repercussions from the early revelation have already been felt: Detroit cancelled a news conference yesterday during which the deal was expected to be confirmed.

"The school district expects to transform the new location of Crockett High into a technology-based school over the course of the school year with grant money that will be spent on Apple products, school officials said. Apple staff will train teachers and students at no cost," the report adds.

The new school is expected to be called the Detroit Digital Learning Community High.

But the contract has not been completed, no money has changed hands and the school will not be open this autumn.