Metrowerks has announced CodeWarrior 7.0 development tools for Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Developers can use these tools to build applications that run in both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. It also lets applications be developed for Carbon and Native OS X as well as Java. The package includes Metrowerk's PowerPlant framework, which the company calls the "most popular C++ framework".

CodeWarrior lets developers create new applications from existing code, and also offers a Mach-O project converter that can automatically convert elements of Carbonized applications into Mac OS X native code.

All rounder Other features of this high-end development solution include a Carbonized version of the integrated development environment, Mac OS X-hosted command line tools, Velocity Engine support and some built-in solutions designed to let developers begin to move applications to Windows.

Metrowerks – currently owned by the ailing Motorola – said: "Metrowerks customer Alias Wavefront licensed a beta version of CodeWarrior for Mac OS to create its Maya software, a tool used to create 3D animation and effects."

Andrew Pearce, director of Maya Technologies, said: "Throughout the development process we relied on the CodeWarrior for Macs' high-speed compiler and native debugger-tools to make the project a success."

Metrowerks is also shipping CodeWarrior 7.0 for Windows, as well as a package including version 7.0 for both Mac OS and Windows. CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Version 7.0 costs $599 per licence, the Windows version costs $499. The combined package costs $799. Upgrades from previous versions are available.