Mac developer Amit Singh has published an extensive report into how to experiment with the ambient light sensor of Apple's professional portables.

Singh is the same developer who in February 2005 wrote about ways to use the Sudden Motion Sensor that's inside Apple's portable Macs in different applicaitions.

He explains that he has often been asked about using the light sensor, and that his report is in response to those queries.

The report offers what the developer describes as "experimental source code" for the following operations on a MacBook Pro:

Retrieving readings from the ambient light sensor;
Retrieving and setting the LED brightness value of the backlit keyboard;
Initiating an LED fade to a target brightness value over a specified duration;
Retrieving and setting a display's brightness.

Singh says: "I must admit that the motion sensor experiments generated far more interest than I had expected. People found an incredible variety of "using" the motion sensor readings. I hope the information in this discussion will also help people give vent to their creative fervour."

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