Safari development-team member Dave Hyatt has posted a his thoughts regarding tabbed browsing in Apple's Mac-only browser.

Hyatt said on a Mozilla developers forum: "It's much better to avoid moving tabs around when a single new tab opens."

He also answers comments claiming that he dislikes tabbed browsing: "I love tabbed browsing. I implemented it in Mozilla. I implemented tabbed browsing in Chimera. I implemented the version used in Phoenix. Given how many times I've implemented it, I'm amazed that people would think that I am not a tabbed-browsing devotee."

The developer also reveals plans to "dump" Safari's current implementation of title attributes in the status bar, in favour of a different implementation. He said: "This was sort of an intermediate hack to get something out there for title attributes on links only. We'll dump it once we do full title support."

The last version of the Safari beta was released on February 12.