An independent team of developers has produced a Carbon update for Myth II: Soulblighter, so gamers can play the classic Bungie-produced title on Mac OS X.

The update brings the title to version 1.3.2, and lets Windows 2000 and XP gamers enjoy the title once again. It will be released on March 15.

The Myth II: Soulblighter update offers updated video card support, secured network communications, less chat-lag online and a number of OS X performance enhancements. An update to allow the game to take advantage of OpenGL accelerator cards is also planned.

The developers have a similar update ready for release on Aprl 15, this time for Myth III: The Wolf Age. One-time Mac developer Bungie Software originally produced the Myth series. The company also produced the hugely successful Marathon game series for Macintosh.

Bungie has since been acquired by Microsoft and focuses on developing games for the X-box. At that time the deal was estimated to cost between $20-40 million.

Two voluntary groups are responsible for the update - Project Magma and Myth Developers. Myth Developers is a group of artists, programmers and players dedicated to working on the title. Project Magma is a similar team, mainly dedicated to building new maps for the game.