Anticipation for next week's UK Mac Expo and Macworld Conference event is growing, as news from a major US event emerges.

Mac developers should take a deeper look at the platform's music ecosystem, according to last month's third O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.

O'Reilly believes Mac music making offers opportunities in future, according to conference chairman, Derrick Story, who said: "At present, iPod and iTunes Music Store are grabbing the headlines - but a more complete understanding of the audio process - from how it's created, managed, distributed and consumed - can lead to further innovation," he explained.

The Digital Audio track at the event - which attracted 500 attendees - examined how a Mac can be fine-tuned for peak performance, working with pro-music apps and more. "We added this track to the conference because we believe there are opportunities for developers in this arena," explaiend Story.

The Conference aimed to explore the "past, present and future" of OS X. Sessions covered the operating system itself, Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger); digital forensics; Podcasting; AppleScript; GarageBand; Mac hacks for the home; Mac OS X in a Unix environment; digital music making and more.

A selection of industry luminaries spoke at the show, including: Andy Hertzfeld; former The Police drummer, Stewart Copeland; David Pogue; Karelia Software's Dan Wood; audio for gaming guru Clint Bajakian; Brent Simmons of Ranchero Software; Andy Ihnatko; Michael Bartosh of 4AM Media; and authors Niel Bornstein, Gordon Meyer, and Ted Landau.

Chris Bourdon and Wiley Hodges, who are leading developers on Apple's in-house Mac OS X 10.4 operating system gave attendees a close look under the hood of the forthcoming next generation of OS X. More details on O'Reilly's conference are available online.

There's still some spaces left at next week's Macworld Conference, which will look at Digital imaging; Publishing; Moving Images; Mac OS X and Mac OS X System Administration next week. This will also feature the first-ever direct comparison between QuarkXPress and InDesign.