Mac OS X continues to attract key developers from other platforms, with Remwave's Nikolai Manek typical of converts to the platform.

Remwave released its SIP-enabled (Session Initiation Protocol) Voice over IP (VoIP) client for Mac OS X, Mac2Phone, last week after the development team migrated to OS X.

Nikolai Manek said of his migration to the Macintosh: "I saw OS X while waiting for a new Windows notebook in an electronics store.

"I played with OS X on a Titanium PowerBook G4, and fell in love in seconds." He cancelled his PC notebook order, bought a PowerBook and "since then I've become a Mac addict", he said.

Manek has worked with computers since he was 12 years old. "I started with an Atari, and then PCs were my life. The Mac was a mystery to me. My friends in the publishing business used them and that's all."

As a development house, Remwave continues to build Windows and Linux software. "We had no resources for the Mac platform, but I wanted to see my applications on the Mac." The development team joined Apple's Developer network, and chose to adopt Java.

Apple has made significant improvements to OS X's support for Java

In March, Apple’s Java product manager Allen Denison told Macworld: "OS X is the killer platform for developing Java applications. Apple is offering Java developers a route to bring its applications to the Macintosh.”

Manek said: "We found Apple's Java implementation fast and reliable – now Mac OS X is the reference platform for everything Remwave does. The company develops on Macs and moves the Java applications to the Windows and Linux platforms.

"Another reason Remwave chose Java is its amazing stability for server applications. We have some products in the pipeline that will prove that on Xserve.”

Manek also talked of his work with the SIP standard: “SIP is set to be the standard for communication in the future. It's like HTML is to the Internet – an efficient and easy protocol to connect people, devices and services. It will be the standard in next-generation mobile networks."

“We plan to introduce Mac2Phone Pro as a free application, and a variety of server applications. There will be a solution for OS X for servers that will support audio, video, Instant Messaging and gaming, and we are working on video conferencing right now.

"I want to establish SIP very fast on Macs worldwide. Microsoft is trying its own SIP standard which seems to me to be incompatible with the rest of the world. Remwave wants to show how interoperability should work.

"Remwave would like to make OS X the leading SIP platform in terms of open standards support and compatibilility.”