Most developers have supported Apple's decision to cancel Apple Expo, Paris, due to take place from September 25 to 30, 2001.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs cancelled the Expo yesterday afternoon due to last Tuesday's terrorist attacks in the US.

Glen Turpin, Quark's corporate communications manager, said: "We can certainly appreciate Apple's position in cancelling this event. So many of us have family, friends and colleagues touched by these events.

"We must ensure the well being of our customers comes first. There will be Apple events at more auspicious times. I am sure we will be attending Apple Expos in the future. We are strong supporters of Apple.

Understanding Adobe echoed these sentiments. Its press officer Dawn Osbourne said: "Apple has stated that due to safety reasons they have cancelled Paris Expo. We think this is understandable given the present situation.

Clare Rees, Macromedia's European marketing director, felt Steve Jobs' decision judicious. She said: "Apple Expo Paris is an important show for us, and underlines our commitment to work with Apple, and the large community of Mac users in Europe.

"However, given the tragic events of September 11, it is understandable that the Expo should be cancelled. The show is a major forum for companies on both continents. In the light of uncertainty about travel and safety, cancellation is a prudent course of action.

"We look forward to resuming our attendance at such exhibitions as soon as it is deemed appropriate."

Andy Eakins, managing director of Hermstedt UK, expressed disappointment: "The best way to give in to people is to give up. While I am extremely sympathetic to the plight of America, we must act as if nothing has happened - otherwise we have given in."

Kodak's marketing communications director, Steve Raher, added: "We understand and support Apple's decision. It is disappointing, but safety and security is our number one concern.

"We would certainly hope to support Apple at future Mac expos. It been a tragic week and we are keen to get our businesses back to normal. Our thoughts are with all those affected."