Black Diamond Products has released SockeToome version 1.0 for the Mac.

It's a peer-to-peer file sharing solution, capable of transferring files to other SockeToome users. It enables files to be transfered to others directly with no central server. It can be used by those with both static and dynamic IP addresses, and is capable of queuing files for transmission to other users. Queued files will be held until the intended recipient goes online.

Cross-platform Other features include the ability to launch retries and resume transfers, and to transfer files between both Macs and Windows machines. The solution can handle up to four outgoing and three incoming transmissions simultaneously, and also permits messages to be sent as well as files.

The file-transfer solution is available now for both Macs and Windows, and costs $20 for a single user license, with an introductory offer of two licenses for $26 available for a limited time. A trial version is available for download.

Black Diamond products include WebiToome, Monica, HeftyFTP, NewsFinder and Sergeant Zondi. More details about these products is available from Black Diamond.